Yesterday I break my records, a whole day din't surfing internet =w=V

one day tap two english diary is so tire, I want go to bed - -"zZZ


The form 4 lesson is very difficult to understand and I'm very busy now, if today internet-ing

then tommorow my homework cannot be done ;w; Now a few days I can't finish homeworks, 

everytime I left the unfinished homeworks to tommorow morning, at the school.

I become a lazy person again, but I will not let this happen:)

HAHA~Steve is funny XD I go to bendahari Zi place to pay and he say hello, I :)

after paying he say thank you to me, like a doorkeeper~ lol

about decorate class board things…it seems like have many things need to do…

need to buy white cloth and painting, and the bow, I have a bit of pressure now…:( 

Emi is friendly and she trying to mix with our group, gotta look after her - w -

because she is mushroom best friends and can't let her alone~


{My life is running, the time is passing, I'm growing, the world are changing……}

I dislike the things around me is change,  I just want all things were peaceful and undisturb 

by anythings. if I was a kid, if the time can undo, I will more treasure that moment*U* 

my childhood are no well…


Tommorow×2 gotta change back to chinese, it's confusing me@@

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