This is the second days to use english to tap my diary, a little bit of uncomfortable:(

but this will work on until that day I tire to translate the words I don't know(:


Today we learning the Add Maths, the teacher still blah blah blah talking the "languange"

that I don't understand, my classmate are crying they don't understand what was teacher 

teaching, but it seem like same to me, I never understand the teacher "words"

Everytime I'm blur blur one, maybe I'm have poor EQ & IQ >> learning slow like a turtle speed

So nowadays my AM depend on the Miss.Ooi class liao~ 


That panda don't want change the duty table =M=  I want to change my duty-day away from 

wednesday because that day need to wear FULL and it's so hot! 艹  Stupid panda=。=!!

Our monitor using very "die" sound when borrow time table from me, its sounds weird Orz


Today also the uniform day, I'm wearing FULL, it's so uncomfortable, to big lah= =

WY call me "sister, go to tick your name." I shook> < , WY and me are same age, and she is

my friend and partner, please don't manner to me, why you call me "sister" Q A Q


My idiots bro still doing the same things that I don't like,

please art like a adult, and think like a adult, you already grows up, please use you brain.

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