I think I should use Ang Mo to write my diary starting today! ((((siao liao

because my english writing skills level is very low, everytime when exam I always score B

on this subject - v -" so sorry for the broke english, hope you all are don't mine to 

my new habit:) (((((use wrong liao

even that I need to translate the words I don't know how to write but I will not give up!

Still not receive my GemeiliaCalendar, I'm waiting for you~T w T


Today staying in the school until 2.00pm+, because of the tenth lesson in sciences lab

we are so unlucky for sitting the place infront of the teacher, some girls were sitting in 

second row and all boys were sitting in the thirth row. I don't have enough courage 

to watch the teacher eyes when she was teaching, the distance was so close.//_//. I shy lol.


Snow fish tell me that about her grandfather was just pass away few days ago,

she need to go back her hometown >Kedah< to attend the funeral. So this few days 

she will not show up in school, she look sad and almost cry when she telling me this.

But she looks better before the bus reach on my home, hope her grandfather rest in peace:)


Add Maths finally starting the first lesson~

I fell very blur when Pn Azlina was teaching, I don't understand at all D8 

teacher consider we all have tuition so did not teach us step by step,

luckily my classmate Miss.Ooi have give me some instruction, so I can understand few format

_________THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! > w <

( even when I doing 6 AM questions still wrong 5 questions T w T (I don't care arh_


Our BM teacher say "must keep reading to improve our languange skills" I think it was right

Cause last time I reading the online chinese novel, my BC writing skills really improve= u =

so my next target is Inggeris and Malay, I need to keep on reading and writing~

Maybe next time I should use bahasa to write diary~HAHA 


Tommorow are Wednesday, it's uniform day, I'm lazy to wear FULL :(

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